Tuesday, February 26, 2019


It's hard to believe this is the last week of February!  Where is this school year going?   We have a very busy next few weeks ahead of us.  We are constantly learning new material so it is important to remind your child to follow our be safe, be respectful, and be responsible rules!  

Here is what our week of learning will look like this  week:  

Reading and Writing  Workshop-  We will  continue our unit on folktales.   This week we will focus on fables!  The students love reading fables and when we discuss the moral of the story, I love how they are relating it to their own lives!  We have had some great conversations!
              We have also started planning our fractured fairy tale writing! Ask your child which fairy tale they are using and how they are going to change it for their very own fractured fairy tale!
Science/ Social Studies-  This week we will continue our unit on maps and globes. We will work on reading a map and creating our own pirate map!

Math-   We are beginning our unit on fractions. This week we will focus on equal and unequal parts.  We will also focus on halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, and sixths. 

Important Information:   We will take our spring and  class pictures on March 7 .  I am not sure of the time but hopefully before lunch :)   I am super excited to announce we will have a student teacher who will begin next week!  Her name is Rachel Sorensen and she will join our class on Monday.   She  will begin by observing our routines and procedures and then she  will begin teaching lessons that we have  planned  together.   I am excited to share our excitement of learning with her.  If you are in the building, please feel free to say hi to her! 

STEAM Supplies:  As usual, we need paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls!  For our STEAM project this week, we will also need wooden craft sticks, tissue paper,  and plastic Easter eggs!  You can send those in so we can have them for Friday.  

Class Brighteners:  We would like to wish Lori  a very Happy Birthday!  She will celebrate her birthday this week!  We would like to say Congratulations to Serenity!   She lost a tooth this week!    Our  Pleasing Penmanship Award goes to Farrah and Tyler  this week!  These two always put forth their best effort in everything they do!

Sunday, February 10, 2019


Welcome to a crazy week of learning! We will have our Valentine's Party on Thursday, February 14.  We will have stations this time so if you are planning on attending, don't be surprised if you are in charge of a station/ activity.  Also, since the day will be full of excitement,  we will do our STEAM activity that day instead of Friday! We will try to make a candy box that will hold five chocolate kisses! If they succeed, they will get to keep the chocolate kisses :)  

Here is what our week of learning will look like next week:  

Reading and Writing  Workshop-  We will  continue our unit on Folktales.   This week we will focus on classic folktales like the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Tikki Tikki Tembo, and The Gingerbread Man. We will also begin looking at Fractured Fairy Tales which are my absolute favorite!
Science/ Social Studies-  We made our salt maps and a huge thank you to all the moms who mixed and made a mess with us :)  We are hoping they dry so we can begin painting our landforms this week! This week we will focus on our map unit. We will focus on cardinal directions and learning how to read a map.  

Math-   We will continue  our unit on three digit place value. This week we will focus on comparing three digit numbers and looking at three digit numbers on a number line. 

Important Information:   We will have our Valentine's Party on Feb. 14 at 1:30. We will hand out 
Valentine's cards.  I sent home a list of names so if you do not have one, let me know!  We had so many friends out sick it was hard to keep track of who received a list!  

Class Brighteners:  We would like to wish Tatum  a very Happy Birthday!  We hope your day was special!  This week we are beginning our Pleasing Penmanship Award!  This award will go to one or two students a week who display neat, quality work across the curriculum! They will receive special writing tools only they can use for the week. These include mechanical pencils, special erasers, and their own set of smelly markers in a fancy pencil holder! The two students who earned this award are Emma and Sebastian! Congratulations!

Have a great week!

Wow!  It's hard to believe it's already February!  This school year is flying by!  We are staying 
super busy and learning new things each week!  It is so important to remind your child to stay 
focused and on task! As the year progresses, I know it gets harder and harder!  

Here is what our week of learning will look like next week:  

Reading and Writing  Workshop-  We will  begin our unit on Folktales.  We will begin with fairy
tales and this week we will study Cinderella  around the world! This is such a fun unit and the
students really enjoy the texts we read.
Science/ Social Studies-  We will wrap up our landform  unit.  I would love to make salt maps
with our class so if you are willing to help make the dough, please respond to this email and I 
will send directions!  I would need the dough by Friday this week.  We will also begin our unit on
maps this week.  

Math-   We will begin our unit on three digit place value. This week we will focus on the various
forms of a number ( standard form ,  (124), expanded form,  (100+20+4=124), base ten blocks,
and word form.).  

Important Information:   We will have our Valentine's Party on Feb. 14 at 1:30. We will hand out 
Valentine's cards so I will send home  a list with our names. If your child passes out cards, 
please make sure they give one to everyone in the class. Thanks!

Class Brighteners:  We would like to wish Miguel a very Happy Birthday!  We  also want to say
Congratulations to Lori! She lost a tooth this week!

Have a great week!

Monday, September 10, 2018

I hope you had a great weekend and were able to stay dry. This morning we shared about our weekend and despite the gloomy weather, we all had something fun to share!    We did a fun activity where we worked on focusing our attention on the speaker while we shared. See if your child can remember some of the activities students in our class shared. ( some examples are: Andy went to church, Bradley lost a tooth Farrah went to Barnes and Nobles. . . . )

Here is our week of learning at a glance: 

Reading Workshop-This week we will look at story elements while reading. We will focus on characters, setting, problem, and solution.  We will also focus on key events that happen at the beginning, middle, and end of a story. 

Writing Workshop-   We will continue to focus on writing our personal narratives and we will begin writing with our writing partner. 

Science/ Social Studies-     This week we will focus on physical properties in science.  We will discuss physical properties and use physical properties to complete various experiments. 

Math-   This week we will wrap up our unit on the hundreds chart and focus on ordering numbers on a number line. We will also discuss greater than, less than, and equal.  

Important News:   If you have extra earbuds or earphones for your child to use at school, please send them in.  We only have 8 headsets in our class and we have many apps that involve sound. We will keep the earphones in a bag labeled with your child's name.   

Thanks for sending in STEAM supplies.  Please keep the supplies coming since we will do a STEAM activity  every Friday. We are in need of 3M blue painter's, toilet paper rolls, and paper towel rolls. THANKS for your help!

Class Celebrations:    We want to wish Kysen  a very Happy Birthday!  He celebrates his birthday on Wednesday!  We want to say congratulations to Bradley!  He lost a tooth this weekend!
 Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


It's hard to believe we will begin our year of learning together!  I hope you had a great summer and you are as excited about this school year as I am!  I just wanted to send a few reminders to help make tomorrow successful.

*  I will meet your child in the hallway tomorrow morning between 7:15 and 7:30.  We will enter our  class together to begin our day.

  * Our class is split for specials so I will not have your child's exact PE days until next week. To be safe, please have your child wear tennis shoes  the first week  of school.  This will help  as we transition to new routines and procedures.   

   *   We are implementing a new dismissal procedure this year so please be patient as we fine tune things the first few weeks of school.  If your child is a car rider, please make sure you have your car tag before dismissal tomorrow or you will need to drive to the front and meet your child in the office.  You can get as many tags as you need from our wonderful office staff. 

  *  If your child is a bus rider,  please make sure your child knows their bus number. If you have not given it to me yet, please just send me a quick e-mail so I can get your child home safely. 

* We do have nut allergies in our classroom so please make sure you pack a healthy nut free snack and lunch.  We Thanks for your help in this!  We want this year to be a safe learning environment for everyone!  

  *  Please have your child return their Meet the Student  page tomorrow or Friday.  Thanks for helping build our class community!

I look forward to getting to know your child!  Have a great night and get plenty of rest!

Friday, May 4, 2018


 We had a wonderful week of learning!  We are still going full speed ahead as we try to get in as much learning as we can for  our last few weeks together. Today your child is bringing home a bird house they made as part of our STEAM project along with a bag of seeds.  If you hang it on a branch, please send me pictures so I can share the picture with the the class.  We also released our butterflies today so please make sure you log in to SeeSaw to see our video. 

Here is our week of learning at a glance:

Reading/ Writing Workshop- We have begin our animal research project.  We will use the next few weeks to research our animal and then put together a final project to display all the information we have learned. 

Math-    This week we will finish our unit on multiplication and begin our unit on division or equal shares.  In second grade, we do not memorize multiplication facts.  We begin to understand the concept of equal groups, or arrays, and relate these to repeated addition.  

Science/ Social Studies- This week we will use our science time to research our animal. I am hoping to have our projects finished by our conferences.  

Important News:  

We are still in need of toilet paper rolls so please keep sending those in! We also need craft sticks please! I sent our e-mails about conferences so please make sure you sign up!  If those dates do not work for you, please let me know and we will work together to find a date!

Just a few dates to remember:  

May 18- Field day- It was rescheduled due to the weather. 
May 29- Our last day together and our party will begin at 1:00

Class Brighteners

We want to say Congratulations to Ryan !  He was our  Star of the Week last week!  This week we are super excited to see Ella's poster since she is our new Star of the Week! The students love the handwriting award and Natalie and Arial were the winners last week! Being able to write with smelly markers is pretty cool!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2018

I hope you had a wonderful week! We sure have been busy and today was no different. The school carnival had everyone VERY excited today.  I plan on being here around 7:00 so I hope I can run into some of you at the carnival.  

It's hard to believe how fast this school year is flying by.  We still are introducing new concepts every week so it's very important to encourage your child to follow our school rules and class expectations.  I am having to stop many times during a lesson these days due to interruptions or friends not staying on task.  I know it feels like summer but we still have so much to cover!

Here is our week of learning at a glance:

Reading/ Writing Workshop- We will wrap up  our unit on poetry.   We will publish our haiku poems and write poems based on personification.  Then we will finally choose an animal to begin our animal research project!

Math-    This week we will take our second grade Math Benchmark.  We will review on Monday and Tuesday and then take the test on Wednesday and Thursday.  I am excited to see your child's progress this year and the benchmark is a great way to see if your child has mastered second grade math concepts. 

Science/ Social Studies- This week we will focus on birds and fish.We got a little side tracked when our caterpillars arrived this week. We learned about insects and we have been observing their growth in our butterfly journal. Today we made a stop motion video of an insects life cycle so make sure you check SeeSaw. 

Important News:  

We are still in need of toilet paper rolls so please keep sending those in!

Just a few dates to remember:  

April 27- Science Day- we will spend our day in science rotations
May 4- Field Day- We go in the morning

Class Brighteners

We want to say Congratulations to Kaydence !  She is our  Star of the Week!  We can't wait to share her poster! !    We want to wish Sophie  a very Happy Birthday!  We hope your day was special!